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- Do you have unwanted patterns in your life that keep returning regardless of therapy, plant medicine or spiritual practices?  Are you ready to release those patterns?

- Are you on a journey to find your authentic self?

- Are you working with entheogens and would you like to turbocharge your productivity with these wonderful substances?

If you answered, "Yes", to any of the above questions, you might explore working with Zach. 

Check out the videos and information below to learn more.



Energy Medicine Sessions

Note: 95% of My Sessions are Distance Zoom Sessions

Illumination Sessions

45- 75 minutes

Each Session Includes the Following:

- Illumination Treatment

As necessary the following are included in the session

- Decoupling (Resetting the "Fight or Flight" response)

- Fluid Energy or Entity Extraction

- Crystalized Energy Extraction

- Cord Cutting

Soul Retrieval Sessions

2 hours


Each Soul Retrieval Session Includes the Following:

- Illumination Treatment

- Soul Retrieval to bring back the clients lost soul part, the soul contract, a medicine gift and a power animal.

As necessary the following are included in the session

- Decoupling (Resetting the "Fight or Flight" response)

- Crystalized Energy Extraction

- Cord Cutting

Detailed Description of Offerings/Sessions

What is an Energetic Imprint?

- Energetic Imprints are caused by trauma both in our current lives, past lives and generational curses.
- Imprints create unwanted patterns in our lives that keep returning in spite of therapy, plant medicine or spiritual practice.
- Imprints start to impact our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and eventually our physical health.
- Energy Medicine clears out the Imprint, the energy supporting the imprint and the affinity for the energy associated with the imprint.

The Illumination Process

- The Illumination process is foundational to this work and is part of every session.

- Removes Energetic Imprints, energy associated with Energetic Imprints and any affinity associated with Imprints.

- Balances and clears the chakras affected by Energetic Imprints.

- Any crystalized energy, fluid energy, entity attachment, cord or feeding tube will be addressed/removed during the Illumination session.  (See more below)

Cord Cutting and Energetic Extractions

- Energetic Cords are between two living people wherein they are connected and the cord transmits unhealthy or pathological energy/emotions between the two (cords are a two way street).  Love is not transmitted via cords and love remains when a cord is removed.

- Entity and fluid energy extractions are relatively rare.  One indication of a fluid energy/entity is a significant change in behavior for no apparent reason.  "Suddenly I don't feel like myself".

- Feeding tubes are energetic tubes sucking one's life force.

- Crystalized energies are old energies, possibly from past lifetimes.  They have been in your Luminous Energy Field so long that they have taken on a quasi-form such as an arrow, a knife, a spear, etc...

- All extractions and cord cutting are done on an as needed basis and are Included in the Illumination Session

Soul Retrieval

- Soul Retrievals are offered after at least 5 Illumination Sessions.

- During a Soul Retrieval, Zach will journey to the lower world (collective unconscious) and retrieve your lost/fragmented soul part, the soul contract written under duress/stress, your power animal and a medicine gift.

- After the journey to the lower world, you and Zach will work together to discover how to work with, maintain and benefit from the return of your lost soul part. 

- You will also discover how to work with your new power animal and medicine gift.

- You and Zach will also discuss how to write a new and much improved soul contract and install it.

- The Soul Retrieval includes an Illumination and any extractions that might be necessary.

- The Soul Retrieval process takes at least 2 hours.

Enthogens/Plant Medicine and Energy Medicine

- Zach is a big proponent of Entheogens, in fact Zach lived and trained full time in the Amazon for 4.5 years.  He has been working with Amazonian Entheogens for 10+ years and facilitates ceremonies and retreats.


- Zach discovered that after extensive work with the plants, he still had frustrating patterns that remained in spite of his plant medicine work, therapy and spiritual practice.


- Discovering The Four Winds Energy Medicine by Alberto Villoldo changed all that.  Zach was able to clear patterns that had dogged him for years. 

- Entheogens and Energy Medicine work EXTREMELY well together.  

- One could use Energy Medicine sessions as a preparation and integration tool for entheogen work.

A Testimony of Transformation Using Ayahuasca & Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine Sessions

Note: 95% of my Sessions are via Zoom

Single Illumination Session


(Can be Applied to an Upgraded Package)


The Initiation

5 Sessions and a Soul Retrieval

$1200 USD

Custom Ceremony Journey 

Contact Zach to Discuss Further

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